2021-2022 Program Schedule

There are programs for members and public spirited citizens. For details on days/times, please visit the calendar page.

April 2022

The St. Paul league of women voters is sponsoring a presentation and discussion on firearms. Please join in this timely and dynamic conversation on April 26 at 7 pm.

Click here for event link

March 2022

Discussion of findings on the study of county governments in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area and LWV policy positions. Read the report prior to the March 10th discussion: County Government in the Metropolitan Area. January 2022 LWV Report

January 2022

Dr. Rebecca Thoman, campaign manager for Doctors for Dignity, and Minneapolis LWV member, discusses the Minnesota End-of-Life Options Act. This legislation would authorize medical aid in dying to allow terminally ill adults of sound mind to request and receive prescription medication they may self-administer for a peaceful death Currently there are 10 states that have enacted similar legislation.

The LWV Utah conducted a study on Death with Dignity. The LWV Minneapolis concurred with its position and plans to ask delegates at the LWVMN convention in 2022 to concur.


Afternoon and evening meeting to discuss Minnesota’s decennial congressional and legislative district maps. Paul Huffman, LWV MN redistricting coordinator, will lead us in an exercise using 2019 demographic and policy trend data to draw congressional and legislative district boundaries.


Visit to the Minnesota History Center and discussion of the book: Nellie Francis: Fighting for Racial Justice and Women’s Equality in Minnesota


Afternoon and evening meetings open to the public. The students who worked with the Voter Services team on voting education will present their work.


Member holiday party.

January 2022

Afternoon and evening meetings to discuss End of Life policies in Minnesota. Minnesota currently has Minnesota End of Life Option Act, SF 1352 and HF 1358. Speaker Rebecca Thoman form the St. Paul LWV.

February 2022

Afternoon and evening meetings to discuss LWVMN’s firearms policy positions. To review current positions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EzXIi0WKaw-40x9bCb_nJKJHW5jUMZfL/view

March 2022

Afternoon and evening meetings to discuss committee research on local county government visibility, transparency, accountability and inter-governmental relations.

April 2022

Annual meeting.

May 2022

Afternoon and evening meetings on watersheds. Do you know what your watershed does? Where does the water go from your yard and street? Is your local water healthy? How does a watershed organization fit into the matrix of local government? Speaker Stephanie McNamara.

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