Past Local Studies

2022:  Study for Consensus on Firearms

Reason for Study: The Firearms Study Update Committee recommended a consensus study in order to address the changed landscape regarding firearms and firearm violence. The study provides background information on several subjects including, but not limited to, changes in firearm technologies, court rulings affecting existing firearms regulations, populations most affected by gun violence, and a changed political landscape which has impacts on firearms and firearm violence.

LWVMN-FirearmsStudy-Report 2022

2018: Report on Citizenship Education in Six Public High Schools within the White Bear Lake Area

Survey of state requirements for high school civics education and interviews with administrators and civics teachers in six local public high schools on civics education offered in grades 9-12. Goal was to learn how educators within the LWV White Bear Lake Area use high school curriculum and instruction to cultivate students’ knowledge of democracy, their belief in democratic values, and their role as engaged citizens. We asked: what each school includes in its government and citizenship curriculum, how well students perform on district and state civics tests and whether, when, and how students participate in substantive school decisions or otherwise gain experience in participating in a democracy.

Click here for a link to a downloadable PDF of the study

2016: How Open is Your Local Government: Open Meeting Laws in the NE Metro Twin Cities

The local LWV audited 32 munitipalities in its membership area for compliance with Minnesota’s Open Meeting Law and observed other aspects of public meetings. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the study

2012: Study of the White Bear Lake Conservation District and its Management Practices

Study of the White Bear Lake Conservation District and its management practices through a concern for protection and preservation of the water quality of this resource to the east metro Twin Cities. After study, observations, interviews and discussion, the committee made certain observations and recommendations.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the study and Appendix

2009: Transit

What public transportation services exist in our area (northeast metro Twin Cities Minnesota)? How well do those services seem to be meeting the needs of people in our communities.? If there is unmet need, what might it take to fill the gap?

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the study

2007: Protecting Minnesota Lakes, Streams, and Wetlands

Study of the purity of lakes and streams in the geographic area of (northeast metro Twin Cities Minnesota) and steps that could be taken to reduce water pollution.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of the study


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